Unidentified Rockweed

Rockweed #1, from Gerstle Cove, Salt Point CA



Closest thing I can find for this is:
Neorhodomela oregona (?)

Pretty sure it’s not Black Pine Rockweed, like this:
Rockweed unknown #2 DSCN0323

Of course, my ID of this (immediately above) as Neorhodomela larix could be wrong.  This Black Pine Rockweed came from Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Rockweed #2, from Gerstle Cove, Salt Point CA


Rockweed #2 also grows in large mats and from this perspective looks almost the same as mats  of black pine. Zoom in, however, and it appears that in this case, there are clusters at intervals along the stems, where the black pine is all spikes.

Here are a couple more I think I may have right.

Cladophora columbiana (?) from Horseshoe Cove, Bodega Bay …amateurs like me are more likely to dare a species name, instead of .sp even when we know many can’t be told apart except under a microscope.
Acrosiphonia #2 DSCN0519

Acrosiphonia .sp from Gerstle Cove (too many similar species for even me to make a wild guess).










4 thoughts on “Unidentified Rockweed”

  1. In a 2010 survey of Gerstle Cove, UCSC listed Odonthalia flocossa as having a high percentage of cover there, so we googled it and came up with this ref: http://www.eeb.ucsc.edu/pacificrockyintertidal/sites/sitepages/gerstlecove-bio.html
    – the “leaves” or “thallus” have an appearance similar to that stringy character of Rockweed #1, and it lays itself down in large mats of rock cover. See http://www.seaweedsofalaska.com/species.asp?SeaweedID=97

  2. Rockweeds are technically brown algae in the order Fucales and the first 2 are actually red algae! Anyway, these are good pictures which helps definitely helps with identification. The first one looks like Cryptosiphonia woodii and the second one is Neorhodomela larix. Great job on identifying Cladophora columbiana and I’d say you got Acrosiphonia too.

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