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California Coast Intertidal Ecozone

Comprehensive introduction to the California coast intertidal ecozone, presented by Dr. Erica Zavaleta, professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Zavaleta’s YouTube channel has a number of videos discussing all the various ecosystems of California including, besides those related to ocean environments, including mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and deserts.

Intertidal ecozone video (click link)

Related to the intertidal are these videos about kelp and estuaries (in particular Elkhorn Slough near Monterey California).

Kelp (link)
Estuaries (link)


Behavior of Rockfish Living in Monterey Kelp Forests

Meet an interdisciplinary team of researchers combining forces to study the impact of climate change and other environmental stressors on the behavior of fish living in a California kelp forest. Jody Beers of Hopkins Marine Station, Steve Litvin of MBARI, and Mike Squibb of the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford, are combining water quality and animal behavior data to study the interaction of physical and biological components of the kelp forest community, in part by tagging rockfish off the Hopkins shelf, planting monitoring sensors along the shelf bottom, and observing behavior when cold water wells up onto the shelf from the mile-deep Monterey submarine canyon.